Sports Massage


The Sports Massage Therapy is most suitable for people who undertake sport and have suffered an injury in training and want to recover as fast as possible. Pulled and overworked muscles can be treated to reduce pain and promote faster recovery. Shin splints for runners and groin strain for football players can be treated. A Sports Massage for cronic muscle strain from weight training can also help repair the muscles and get you back to lifting weights again sooner. A regular sports massage can prevent injury and make sure you do not loose valuable training time.

Who is Sports Massage suitable for?

Our sports massage therapy is suitable for sports people and athletes who have suffered an injury and want to get training again as soon as possible. Sports massage can alleviate pain and promote qucker recovery. A sports massage after a major sporting event like a triathalon or combatitative fight is a great way to heal your body so you can be ready for the next event.

What to expect from a Sports Massage?

A Sports Massage is performed at a faster pace and uses more presure to soften the muscles and relax them quicker. We will move your joints to loosen your body and gain access to muscles from variious different angles. We will also stretch you and move you around during the session. This prepares your body for the deeper massage techniques to press out the knots and iron out any bands of strained muscle. It can be an intense process but you will feel the benefit next day following a treatment.

Sports Massage Prices:

1 hour £ 49.00
90 Mins £ 69.00


Sports Massage – First Consultation

During the First Consultation you will be asked about your physical condition, goals, and what aspect of your training could have caused your situation. This preparation time is to help you to feel comfortable with your Therapist and with the massage.