Relaxing Full Body Massage


A Relaxing Full Body Massage is a great gift, invoking deep relaxation of the mind and body. This relaxing massage helps to relieve full body muscle tension and stress. You will be invited to lie down and relax with in a room filled with soothing music and pleasant aromas as the muscles are gently persuaded to relax and unwind. It’s a beautiful gift to give to yourself or your loved one.

Who is relaxing Full Body Massage suitable for?

A relaxing Full Body Massage is suitable for anyone who feels that they deserve a healty treat. This massage therapy uses techniques that clear muscle tension, stress and in addition can help to combat insomnia.  It is a very rejuvenating experience and can really replenish your energy. This massage treatment is suitable for people who just need a weekly or fortnightly “pick-me-up” to keep them in good health and humour.

If you are suffering from chronic or acute muscle tension and pain, we suggest choosing the Deep Tissue Massage in combination with the Full Body Massage.

What is covered in a Relaxing Full Body Massage?

In a 1 hour Relaxing Full Body Massage session your back will be throughly massaged i.e., neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, feet, head, face, chest & abdomen.  During a 90 minuite session can include more focus on specific areas.  For the full experience. Hot lava stones can also be used in the treatment for extra special enjoyment, should you want them.

Relaxing Full Body Massage Prices:

1 hour £ 54.00
90 Mins £ 69.00


Relaxing Full Body Massage – First Consultation

During the First Consultation you will be asked about your physical condition, goals, and any particular problem areas that need attention. We can select the most suitable music (or not) and preferred oils. This preparation time is to help you to feel comfortable with your Therapist and with the massage.