Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massage therapy is specifically designed to alleviate muscular pain and discomfort that has arisen from injury or compounded to chronic pain due to lifestyle and stress. Typical problems can be: Lower back pain, sciatica, stiff neck, very stiff shoulders, sore calfs and knees from lots of carrying.

Who is Deep Tissue Massage suitable for?

Deep Tissue Massage is suitlable for people who have been suffering with ongoing muscular pain, tension, soreness, stiffness and discomfort. It aches all the time and your lifestlye is not permitting you to recover unassisted, and you just want rid of it! Also people who have suffered an injury through their everyday life and want to speed their recovery and healing.

What to expect from Deep Tissue Massage?

In a Deep Tissue Massage we will massage the areas effected to relax the muscles, we may position your joints to alow access to deeper muscles. This prepares your body for the more deeper and stronger massage techniques that will clear the knots and reduce your ongoing pain. Many clients find our treatments to be powerful in clearing the problem but also relaxing. Hot lava stones can also be used in the treatment if necessary for extra power in clearing muscle knots.

Deep Tissue Massage Prices:

1 hour £ 54.00
90 Mins £ 69.00


Deep Tissue Massage – First Consultation

During your First Consultation you will be asked  about your physical condition, goals, and what aspect of your lifestyle could have caused your situation. We can select the most suitable music (or not) and which oil or oils you prefer. This preparation time is to help you to feel comfortable with us and with the massage.